Learning German, free and fun

I started to learn German about three years ago.  I was not sure I would like it. I wanted to learn a new language as a personas challenge, as the fulfillment of a childhood dream, and most important as a way to exercise my mind. And so I started and this is how I have done it:     post

Why German?

I picked German because it was not too difficult or too easy. It was different and I like German culture and Germany.  Romance languages are easy for English speakers and I already speak Spanish so I did not want another Romance language. How ever all languages are very difficult to learn and good exercise for the brain.


I elected only free resources in the beginning. I tried many programs and videos, but  Duolingo was the winner for me. A beautifully gamified program, very easy, intuitive and entertaining, lost of fun and a great community.

After Duolingo I moved to the free resources of Deutsch Welle and Youtube. And finally

when I reached level B1 I got a teacher and a language partner.

I am not fluent, but I can have a small conversation and I understand a lot. My German journey continues and I will post more about how I am doing.